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These are a few of the engines that we`ve had a chance to pick up over the years.
Dad started collecting sometime around 1971 & since then has owned (at one time or another) over 700 engines.

The First Find...
Dad found this rusty thing lying in a local woods. It was all there, but it had seen better days.
Not sure of all the stats on this one, but we`ve had it as long as I can remember. That thing that looks like a muffler on the side is actually the air intake breather.
Serial  #839. We came across this back in the early '80`s and it was just this summer ('01) out of the blue, that the man we got it from stopped in for a visit & gave us the original cast muffler. Sweet.
Wood-wheeled Perkins
This one`s just nice, on the cart & all. It`s got solid wood wheels with a steel rim around the outside. We had this at Portland a few years ago (1988) and an old man came up to us whose father (way back when) worked at a factory in Indiana that sold these carts to Perkins & other companies back in the day.

This engine was 1st found in the back of a hardware store in Chillicothe, OH & was built fairly early.
Callahan - Dayton, OH
This one`s fairly early too. It has a cast brass plate on the head that reads.

"pat. 1897 - serial # 186"

This engine was found up in the state of NY on one of dad & grandpa`s many engine runs.(trips)

Running Time..
This is probally the first it had been run for (?) how many years.
I`m sure dad & grandpa went in the house that night with their ears ringing.
(Double Port + No Muffler; aiming right at them)
12HP Ellis
It`s like running a hundred Maytags at once. Easily the smokeiest engine we have, but it still has a lot of stuff going for it. This one you can slow down so much it will sit there & backfire run the other way; backfire again & go the other direction AND will keep this up.

The Great Western..
I think this is one I`ve taken over from dad. Probally my favorite of all & even though it`s 2-stroke it`s one of the slowest runners around.

This one is dads favorite. It originally came out of an old warehouse at our local county fairgrounds.