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Gleason, Bailey & Sciple

Right now we`re putting the final touches on a small engine made in Seneca Falls, NY. We finally got most the parts for it (nameplate, cam gears, ect.)but am still not sure how the original ignition was suppose to be.
We`ll jerry something.

Click on Pictures Below:
*Front view of Engine

*Front Nameplate of Engine

*Back Casting of Engine

-Would appreciate hearing from anyone with literature or especially any original pictures on these engines.

Shop Help.
More like moving trip hazzards.

Elgin Wheel & Engine Co.
Just got this one & its` missing the original Carb. (& if your picky, the muffler too.)
Would like to find an original or take some measurements & pattern one to have cast.


Pictures from the original brochure.

Elgin page 1.

Elgin page 2.

Elgin page 3.