The Workshop.....02/25/02
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These engines are either in the process of being restored or sitting in the corner waiting for parts.
Right now were in the process of putting a gearless Woggleman back together. This one came in pretty abused. We`ve had it for years & it needed a lot of parts.

Above: Front side of the engine.
  Woggleman Info:
*Primer spots = Welds
*New Sleved Cylinder
*New Bronze Main Bearings
*New Conn-Rod
*New Linkages working off the cam.

The "Borrowed" engine.
Most of the linkages and ignition stuff was missing off the back side of the engine, we lucked out that one of our friends had one to barrow for awhile.Click on the pics below.

Thanks Gary & Marilynn

Pict. 1

Pict. 2

The woggle Cam:
This is the back side of the engine showing the wiggle cam it uses instead of gears.
(*This is one of the 1st fire-ups.)

The Train (to the right)
This has been in the shop for a long time. I can see it being restored in about 20+ years.. It`s a Cagney or Kagney amusment park train made somewhere between 1890 to 1920. It has a brand-new (in 1969) boiler that`s never been fired. It`s also been hydro-tested and has all the boiler papers with it. It does need a few parts. The engine is all there & runs great off compressed air, but most of the plumping is missing along with the sides of the driver cab & walkways alongside the boiler. The front "cow-catcher" is half there & the brass bell was sold years before.

Click for a closer View

The Carb.
The carburator has a trap door that hinges down for a choke.

This woggleman seems to be made off different patterns than the other. All the linkages were about a 1/4" or more different than the other engine. This one has hollow spots for flywheel counter-weights & most the others have weights cast in the flywheels. Originally this one had a tin gas tank in the base rather than possitioned over top the cylinder.