The "Self-Propelled" Buzz Saw Rig
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These are some pictures of the buzz saw rig that was just put back together. (2001)
We know where it came from & what it was originally used for but we're not sure of the type of engine in it. We think it was sold from the factory as a "build yourself a tractor kit" where they furnished the engine, tractor clutches, running gear, ect. and then whoever bought it put the thing together.

To the Left:
This was taken at the Portland, IN 2001 show. The only way we know where it was made at is from a small nickle-plated brass tag nailed on the inside of the tractor frame. It was scratched up & wrote in fine script so it took awhile to read.
"Sexauer Bros. - Sulphur Springs, O."

The small tag read, "Sexauer Bros. - Sulpher Springs, O."
Once we knew what town it was made in dad & I drove to the small town of Sulpher to look up a some town history.
(Sulpher Springs is located about 3 miles from our house)

Turns out there was a old Blacksmith Shop in Sulpher around 1890 to 1901 owned & run mostly by the Sexauer family, which explains all the blacksmith work on the tractor. The old shop specialized in making fancy buggies & carriages (& must of made at least one tractor.) I guess the the old joke at the place was when someone came in their shop & asked "if a Sexhauer was there?" the usual reply was "Hell, we don't even get a lunch break"

Left: The tractor with the seat removed.
The man dad got the tractor from said his grandpa used it to drive back to their woods on. There they had a wooden frame buzz saw that was kept in the woods & could be attached to the front of the tractor. Once the 2 outfits were connected a belt was run from the wooden pulley on the engine to the buzz saw for power.

After we had this thing put back together Dad & I figured we might as well go look for the buzz saw attachment. We drove to the mans house were we got it (about 5 miles away) to find out what he remembered about it. Turns out it was lying on the floor of his barn. The saw blade must have been robbed from it at one time, but the main parts where all there.

Unlike the tractor, the buzz saws` wood was rotted up from being left in the woods back in its day but there was enough of it there to get measurements to replacement it.
On the Right:
Side view of engine in the tractor. It has an old link chain that runs an overhead cylinder camshaft where there`s 2 cams that open & close the exhaust valve. Another chain coming off the camshaft runs a Goodson magneto & plug.
The engine:
This is a picture of the engine before we put it back into the tractor. If anyone knows of any info or has seen any like it, please e-mail. The only markings found on anything was a 24 stamped on top the head.
Might be the company?

This is all that was found while searching through old advertisements of engines, tractors & companies. Companies like this one use to sell "Build Yourself a Tractor" kits for people to put together. This tractor & engine (above) & the other identical engine (that we know of) both originally where found in barns from around this town. Click Below:

*Another Engine:
(The governors` not original.)

*The building our Tractor was made in:
Sulpher Springs, Ohio - (Wrong year on the picture.)

*Some of the guys that probably help made it:



Thanks to Frank Goulde for sending some more literature on the VICTOR TRACTION GEAR CO. in Loudenville, OH we now have more info to go by.

*Another add for the Victor tractor.

*A Victor tractor made in Loudenville.

Note: Both tractors in the adds, our tractor & another tractor that has the VICTOR name on it, all have the same cast front wheels.