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What makes are these?
If you know of any information or have seen any like these please send us an e-mail.
Ed & Nick Rowland


What is it #1

We came across this little engine at Portland, IN swapmeet this summer (2001).

It does have a round piston, just the water jacket is square. It`s missing quite a bit of stuff. Someone over the years has made a new connecting rod for it. They also used an aluminum lawnmower piston, gears & valves for parts on it. There`s a cast gas tank in the base & it looks like something mounted to the side of the cylinder that`s missing. (picture to the right)

We also need to know what the cast crank guard & governor weights looked like.
What is it #2
This big 2-stroke is probally around 5HP & was totally wore out when we first got it.
What is it #3

This engine has an old link chain that runs an overhead cylinder camshaft where there`s 2 cams that open & close the exhaust valve & there`s lots of blacksmith work on the parts. It`s shown sitting on the floor of our shop after being taken out of a tractor.

A picture of the engine in the chasis.

Another picture of the engine in the chasis.

&...one more picture of the engine in the chasis.

Some said this engine originally came from Australlia but it could be English. (All the greasers read "Made in England.") It`s got a very long thrown on the crankshaft & runs great. It currently has a Ford carburator on it & a homemade governor. Any clues to what should be one it would be appreciated.

UPDATE: Thanks from the info on "HARRY`S" Old Engine Homepage, we found out this was made by "The British Engineers & Electrical Co. Ltd." Leek, Staffordshire.
(Or refered to as a "Leek" gas engine)

DENNIS?? engine
This small one was bought in Bucyrus, Ohio & the only information we have on it is the name "DENNIS" wrote in raised letters on the otherside. It has a fancy connecting rod & outter brass water jacket. The original head, carb, & governor were missing so it was replaced with what`s shown in the picture. This engine probably had a side valve chamber for the exhaust at one time. (the original pushrod was very short) Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.
The man this engine was purchased from said it was a Garland made in Honey Cott?, New York. It`s fairly early with flat valves & a belted governor, but no name tag to verify anything.
No Name 2-Stroke
It`s a hit & miss 2-stroke and has no name or numbers anywhere on it.
Air-Compressor & ??

The one on the left is a osillating cylinder air compressor. Its using both sides of the piston to pump and it looks like it had a nameplate robbed off of it at one time. (not very long ago since there`s an outline of the nameplate in the paintjob)

The thing on the right is a fancy cast pedistal with a hand crank pulley for something?

UPDATE: Thanks again from the info on "HARRY`S" Old Engine Homepage, we found out this was made by "Johnson Service Company" Milwaukee, U.S.A.

Unknown Beam Engine
This steam engine is very well made with lots of Gibb-head bearings. It`s got lots of detail with Gothic-like designs everywhere & even a exhaust condenser & pump built into it. The boiler, fittings & plumping are all string wound sealed which shows its got a little age on it. The whole unit takes a couple people to move.
Hyden, Geere & Company
The only markings on this piece is on the boiler saftey release poppit valve weight & reads;
Hayden, Geere & Company, New York.

**Any info on this company out there??
Pump Engine

We found this one in NY eariler this summer (04) & it had a nameplate on it at one time but.... (the mounting screws are still in their holes.) It`s a 3 port, 2-cycle engine connected to a pump & the only thing I found on it was a piece of paper stuck under the base that said "BERRIE". Is this a Berrie engine?

*Click for a picture of the other side.

UPDATE: This is a Barber Bros. engine, made in Syracuse, New York. They made some marine engines & some water pumps...they also must have made some marines & water pumps units.

Unknown Marine engine

We just picked this one up today (11/5/04). It`s Heavey & we forgot to bring the ramps so Dad & I dead lifted it into the truck.  It came from a friends barn & hasn`t seen daylight for almost 40 years. It`s missing a lot of parts & the only name I found on it was "KERBEL". This was stamped sideways on a piece that might not be original to the engine, not real sure. This picture was taken after it was oiled & unstuck. Something neat about it is it originally had a squard intake by-pass valve chamber that mounted up near the top of the cylinder. (Something like a Sintz engine) This was taken off years ago & the engine was modified with regular 2-stroke ports.

*Picture of it straight from the barn.

*Cleaned up, other side.