More Shop Picts. 11/27/03
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A Magnet 2-cycle engine made by the people of the Petrie Mfg. Co.?? up in Canada (somewhere). No nameplate is on the engine or any markings but looks like about a 4HP. It only needs a top throttle arm bracket or support & the other half of the muffler.



We ran the "Ransome" some today! 1/16/04

-Picked this up at Portland `03 show this past year & just rebabbited the sideshaft bearings. It`s a Ransome sideshaft engine out of some old construction equipment. It also was in some need of a little overhaul work around the governor.

BELOW:  6HP Ellis Gas Engine Made in Detroit, Michigan. Serial #2712. The engine was taken apart, cleaned & rebuilt in a few areas. It also got a new set of piston rings. Would like to find an original muffler for this engine.  It blows out flame & is hard on the ears when its running.